Pocket Tools for SHARP Pocket Computers

The Pocket Tools are a set of programs with which you can convert between audio records of all Sharp Pocket computers (from PC-1210 up to PC-G850VS) and binary files or text files of a Personal computer.
You can also connect your Pocket computer directly to any Personal computer with a CE-126P, CE-150, CE-1600P or other audio interface and transfer programs and data.
This way the communications between Personal computers with all Sharp Pocket computers should be possible for many years.

Reads and writes all Pocket cassette file types, such as:
1. BASIC source and image from CSAVE
2. BASIC/C/Assembler source from Text editor Menu Cmt
    or SAVE “CAS:file”,A (ascii)
3. ASCII data from OPEN CAS: or PRINT#n
4. Binary variable data from PRINT#
5. Binary code from CSAVE M
6. ReSerVe mode data from CSAVE

You can edit these files with any editor on your Personal computer and convert them back to audio files for the Pocket computer.

You need any sound adaptor or sound card with a microphone input and headphone output. If the Mic input of your adaptor is insensitive, then you should use a mic preamps.

For the Pocket computer you need an audio interface, usually a cassette interface, that suits your Pocket computer.

Download gamma version: PocketTools 2.1 c2c2
  stable, recommended, public tests until release 2.1 RC3.

Included in the package:             Revised English and German manual (pdf, quality for view), ReadMe (txt),

Portable menu for Windows (English, German, French), Windows 32-bit executables and many cmd scripts,

Sources (ANSI C, tested with Linux 32- and 64-bit, Linux scripts, compiles with GCC for Mac OS X)
Sample files and Reserve Data of PCs,

Keyword and codepoint files for hardware extensions, SuperTape,

PSPad syntax and context files for Sharp BASIC

Installation:       Copy it to a USB stick or anywhere and go to the menu PStart.exe, see the ReadMe.txt

Please report bugs and hints by e-mail to Sharp-PC[40]ifhe.de.                             replace [40] with @
Pocket Tools is a non-commercial private project. However, to make contact, you can also call peil & partner ingenieure in Berlin during office hours.
In order to provide support, we always need parameters with which the tool was called exactly (copy text or screenshot) , the Sharp PC  type and the file to be converted (packed with 7zip, if necessary).

Development state:      prev. release    current Gamma c2c1     actual, stable, testing
Bas2img              6.0.0                      6.0.9 c2c(0)                       
Bin2wav              2.0.0b                   2.0.9 c2c(2)                       
Wav2bin             2.0.0a                    2.0.9 c2c(1b1)                   2.0.9 c2c(2)

Development:                 ftp://ftp.ifhe.de/public/SHARP_PC/BIGPC/        Manuals in print quality, actual versions, archive, news
(Users of a new Internet Explorer have to copy this address to the Windows Explorers - Do not click!)

News Sept.2019:              All special character processing redesigned and significantly improved for 2.1 RC3,  more line formats,
Codepoint files for G850, E220, E500M2, SJIS Japanese Utf8-characters,
automatic line numbers and support for the transfer of assembler source code included.

Also Img2Bas for PC-1600 and the compilation with Linux corrected, device=CAS/CS refactored.


Development history (up to beta 1.99 only):                Pocket Tools History (German only)

Download previous release:                     PocketTools 2.0  (version without Linux scripts)

Original authors:             www.pocketmuseum.com                           The final actual version will be published there also. 
All authors:                       see the user manual
Skript tool:                        www.horstmuc.de           Start menu:       http://www.pegtop.net/

Torsten Mücker, developer of this new version, Berlin, January 2020

Other informations:      ftp://ftp.ifhe.de/public/SHARP_PC/        
Interpreting Assemblers for PC-1400 series
Extended BASIC for PC-1401/02, also with real, stable  and fast RENUM,
Many ROM routines for PC-1401/02 (German Docs only)
Serial Driver vor PC-1421 with this USB cable http://www.sharp-cables.de/
BASic Software for ROM dumps and more helpful informations (e.g. for PokecomGO)