Pocket Tools for SHARP Pocket Computers

The Pocket tools are a set of programs with which you can convert between audio records of all Sharp Pocket Computers (from PC-1210 up to PC-G850VS and PC-1100 series) and binary files or text files of a Personal Computer.

Reads and writes all Pocket cassette file types:
1. BASIC source and image from CSAVE
2. BASIC source from Text editor Menu Cmt
    or SAVE “CAS:file”,A (ascii)
3. ASCII data from OPEN CAS: or PRINT#n
4. Binary variable data from PRINT#
5. Binary code from CSAVE M
6. ReSerVe mode data from CSAVE

You can edit these files with any editor on your Personal Computer and convert them back to audio files for the Pocket Computer.

You need any sound adaptor or sound card with a microphone input and headphone output. If the Mic input of your adaptor is insensitive, then you should use a mic preamps. For the pocket computer you need an audio interface, usually a cassette interface, that suits your pocket computer.

This way the communications between Personal Computers with all Sharp Pocket Computers should be possible for many years.

Download actual version:           PocketTools 2.0

Included in the package:             Manual (pdf, english), ReadMe (txt), Reserve Data of PCs

Windows 32-bit executables and cmd scripts,

Sources (ANSI C, all operating systems, tested Linux 32- and 64-bit
compiles with GCC for Mac OS X, Thanks to Norbert and Sven)

Installation:                                       see the ReadMe

Support:                                             Simons Pocket Computer Forum

Development state:      Release
Bas2img              6.0.0      
Bin2wav              2.0.0b
Wav2bin             2.0.0a

Download beta version: PocketTools 2.09 RC (stable)

Development:                  ftp://ftp.ifhe.de/public/SHARP_PC/BIGPC/ news, archive
(Users of a new Internet Explorer have to copy this address to the Windows Explorers - Do not click!)

Development history (beta 1.99 only):     Pocket Tools History (German only)


Original authors:              www.pocketmuseum.com        The final version will be published there also.
All authors:                        see the user manual
Skript tool:                         www.horstmuc.de

Torsten Mücker, developer of this new version, Berlin, November 2015